Saturday, September 11, 2010

In remembrance.. 9/11


Today I have really taken the time out to be thankful, thankful for EVERYTHING!!! I will be honest with yall, when 9/11 first happened I was in the 11th grade and I really didnt understand what it meant. Yes I remember hearing that planes had been hijacked and flown into the towers, but I didn't quite understand what all of this meant for the U.S. 9 years later I have a better understanding of the these attacks and what it meant to our Country. I see the devastation, the loss, the hurt, and the consequences of these acts. I was disappointed to see people making jokes about 9/11 on Facebook, just showed me how insensitive people can be. I can only speak for myself but I DO NOT find ANYTHING funny about 9/11 and I have little to no patience for people who do!


My heart truly goes out to the families and friends of all those who lost someone from 9/11 and to the families of the heros who died trying to save the victims. My heart also goes out to those that were on the opposite end of this spectrum. We've got to remember that there were a lot of men and women that from the Middle East that were discriminated against and became victims of hate crimes!

This morning I made a promise to do my very best to wake up everyday and truly be THANKFUL for everything! Our time is so limited and the moments we have our so precious, I want to savor every opportunity I get and appreciate all that I have! This blog entry serves as a reminder to myself to never forget those that died and the aftermath of September 11, 2001.


Compilation of the attacks as they happened.

This video is graphic but it serves as a reminder to myself of the people that lost 9/1 tribute video

The infamous 'Falling Man' photo taken by a photographer of the Associated Press

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