Tuesday, August 24, 2010

allow me to re-introduce myself... my name is...

I guess ill start this blog off with a lil intro so yall can get to know me...

I'm a San Diego native (not born, but raised) working in Public Health - Social Services.. more specifically, HIV Services. I've been in my career for 5 years now and started out working for Family Health Centers of San Diego (FHCSD) in their Teen Clinic as a Young Adult Health Educator. I worked in a Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program and would go to schools, court-mandated groups, after school programs and other youth groups doing presentations on Sexual Health and Teen Pregnancy Prevention (presentations included: Anatomy/Physiology, Birth control, STD's, HIV, Substance Abuse, Communication/Healthy Relationships, Suicide/Depression). Yes, basically I talked about sex! it's more to it than just talking about, I actually had to study and research so that I could get certified to do that type of work. I think one of my favorite things about doing the presentations was when I would play myth busters with my students, I still cant believe some of the misconceptions they have about sex, STD's/HIV, and pregnancy.. anywho, I spent 3 years at FHCSD and was promoted each year. I left FHCSD when I was offered a job at Christie's Place (where I now work) as the Outreach Coordinator. For those who don't know, Christie's Place is a non-profit social support center for women, children and families living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. I've been here for 2yrs (seems a lot longer) and I must say, the work we do here is pretty amazing & life changing! I absolutely LOVE working with our clients and spending time with their kids, to think that they are living with a life-threatning disease, but they're so optimistic.. the thought just gives me hope! (I'll take the time to go in-depth about Christie's Place in a future blog post)

I'm currently in school pursing my California Association of Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselors (CADAAC) certification and will be finished in October. This has been a year long journey of being in class EVERY Saturday for 7.5hrs (830am - 4pm). On top of going to class I started the practicum portion in February and must complete 450hrs of supervised practicum (basically I have to put all the skills ive learned to use). Once I finish I plan on continuing my college education, which means ill be back at National University pursuing my major, Sociology with a minor in counseling. I have about a year and a half left to get my bachelors then ill apply at SDSU to enter their MSW program.

So work and school pretty much run my life, somewhere in 2009 I became this crazy, insane workaholic. I really don't know where it all came from but you can find me up at 1am on my laptop, WORKING! You can also find me on vacation, WORKING!!! why??? I don't know, so dont ask lol. I'm still trying to figure that out myself! I just need to learn to do a better job of balancing everything.

Alright, so lets talk about why I created this blog.

I do a lot of community/charity events, I like to stay current on societal issues and life itself has just been amazing.. I like to talk about all these things, especially with my friends & on twitter buuuuuuut.. im starting to think they're getting tired of hearing it LOL. sometimes I just need a place to vent about current events and 140 characters isnt enough.. sometimes I want to share how good God is and 140 characters isnt enough.. sometimes I want to share something that has inspired me, or recommend a good book or share an upcoming event and 140 characters still isnt enough, so here I am BLOGGING! 140 characters aint gone stop me!

So with all that said WELCOME! Please note that this is a space for me to talk about....... well...... whatever I feel like talkin about =) I may not always use the correct punctuation, I may use some slang here and there, I may offend, I may not, I might make you laugh, I might make you think 'man this girl is dumb'.. either way, everything I say here are my thoughts and they do not represent any group or individual expect for myself. I'm merely allowing you to see various pieces of me.. I welcome any and all feedback although I doubt anyone will be commenting as I rarely say anything exciting lol. but in the event that you do wish to comment ive enabled 'anonymous comments' that way you dont have to sign in or create an acct to comment. I'm also willing to take suggestion on topics to blog about as well.